Permanent Makeup

Lip Blush

Are you tired of lining your lips daily to ensure a full and plump look? Are you looking for permanent makeup to allow your natural lips to stand out? Then perhaps lip blushing is a viable option to enhance the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost of energy and even coloring.

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that adds volume and fullness to your lips. It also corrects any asymmetry or darkness in the lips, giving them a youthful appearance. It is advisable to ensure that the skin is in the best condition for the procedure. Lip injection and chemical peels must be performed at least four weeks before your appointment. Preparation also involves avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and exercise following a few days after the treatment.

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Permanent makeup lip blush new york
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Permanent Makeup

Lip Blush

The initial process takes around 3 hours and it will begin by numbing your lips for about 20 minutes with medical-grade topical anesthesia. Following the removal of the numbing agent, the procedure starts by tattooing the outline of your lips by filling them in. Since your lips are a sensitive region, the procedure can be a bit distressing but it should not be sore until it is done. You can feel as though you just did an intensive lip scrub, but that feeling will pass quickly.

After the treatment, the lips will appear darker, but this will fade to a much more natural shade. It is recommended to avoid any dry pick as this may cause the color to be disrupted. Applying a tattoo aftercare ointment to the skin will make it heal more easily. Apart from keeping the area clean and not picking at scabs, there are a few other things to consider. For two weeks, avoid working out or sweating, and for 30 days, avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure.

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 Benefits of Lip Blush


We can help you achieve the fuller, luscious, sexy lips you’ve always wanted!


Creating more defined and fuller lips by enhancing the natural color and making the lips more symmetrical.


If you have allergies to makeup then lip blush is a possibility as it is very rare to be allergic to the pigment.

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