Combo Brows

The Permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows are the brainchild of powder ombre shading and micro-blading, the combination of the two techniques make the Permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows. The processes differ from each other, the Permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows are for the clients who are more towards the solid filled eyebrows in a makeup look, the individuals having uneven or dense eyebrows, or the ones who want to have the natural-looking brows similar to some hair-like strokes at the front of the eyebrows. However, if you have an oily t-zone it is not recommended to you. The combination of these two semi-permanent brows gives the facial features an improved look by adding definition to your eyes.

new york ombre brows by Natalia Verkh

Beautiful Results

amazing powder brows results
powder brows in action


Combo Brows

The Permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows let the practitioner create an illusion of the hair of your eyebrows and utilizes the soft powder to make sure that it resembles your natural look and does not ruin the overall features of your face.

The process session takes up to two sessions to finally get your Permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows completed. Prior to the visit if you have any ideal color or shape in your mind or any other specification you should take the reference photos along with you. After the first appointment, you receive the final result and the second session is complementary that offers a touchup to make sure that the hair strokes are finely saturated. The second appointment is scheduled after 6 to 8 weeks from the initial session the pigment takes time to absorb and settle into the skin.

To maintain your permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows it is recommended to get a touchup every year once you are done with your first complimentary session in order to make sure your eyebrows maintain a fresh and crisp look of the color.

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 Benefits of Combo Brows


Combo brows are the best of both worlds, working in perfect harmony to achieve a beautifully natural, yet defined brow.


Not having to apply your eyebrow makeup every morning and remove every evening will give you extra time through the day.


Powder brows appear like an air brush finish, going from light at the start of the eyebrows to dark towards the ends.

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